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category Model / descriptions remarks
receivers 35GR series under preparing
Antennas 303WA-2 LW-SW Receiving Antenna 370kB approx.
713G-DA Discone Antenna for 70MHz - 3GHz English / Japanese
1180kB approx.
703G-DA Discone Antenna for 70MHz - 3GHz 350kB approx.
Indoor Antennas 700DTA MW-SW Desk-Top active Antenna 202kB approx.
500SL Square Loop antenna system Japanese only
Filters HPF2050 High Pass filter  English /Japanese
340kB approx.
High Pass filter / Low Pass filter Japanese only
Splitter/combiner SPL-2 Passive splitter / combiner 96kB approx.
cables 35BNC
under preparing Japanese only

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