since July 17, 2002
HPF2050  High Pass Filter


High Pass Filter for Shortwave receiving

The HPF2050 is a high pass filter especially designed for serious shortwave listeners. This filter improves the strong signal handling characteristics of portable receivers, scanning receivers, wideband receivers, and others.

HPF2050 Frequency response (ON)

The addition of this high pass filter to the antenna's signal path provides additional selectivity which enables the receiver's circuitry to better cope with strong interfering signals that can leak into shortwave band.

The HPF2050 provides additional selectivity to any receiver's front end by reducing a multitude of unwanted strong signals from reaching and saturating the receiver's first mixer stage. This results is less interference and improved reception.

Model HPF2050
cut off frequency 2000kHz (typ.)
Nominal Impedance 50 ohms
Insertion loss 2dB (typ.)
Attenuation (typ.) 50 dB @1500kHz
60 dB @1000kHz
Input / Output Connector BNC-J x2 (BNC jack)
Dimension 45 x 35 x 25 mm
(approx. excluding projections)

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