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Products information : SPL-2

The ApexRadio SPL-2 allows two receivers to be connected to one antenna without interaction and with minimal signal loss. A high degree of isolation (30 dB typ) between both receivers ensures that each receiver can be tuned and operated as if it were connected to its own antenna.

The SPL-2 can also be used in reverse. That is, as an antenna combiner for two antennas to one receiver. This device is operational from Medium wave to 650 MHz. This is a passive (not amplified) device. The SPL-2 uses three SO-239 jacks.

Click here to view SPL-2 English/Japanese Instruction sheet. (PDF 96kB)
Frequency range 1000kHz - 650 MHz
Isolation 30dB typ.
Insertion Loss 0.25 dB typ.
Connectors M jack type@(SO239)
Impedance 50 ohrms
VSWR less than 1.2
Power input 0.2 W (as splitter)
Dimensions/Weight 90x88x27mm / 170g.

Sinnal Loss (SPL-2)
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