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Products information : 303WA-2

The Apex Radio 303WA-2 is a quality passive receiving antenna (not for transmit) providing coverage from 30 kHz to 30 MHz. The antenna is designed for areas where space is a problem or when an unobtrusive installation is essential. The small size and relatively light-weight design is ideal for installation in a confined space such as apartment balcony. Since the 303WA-2 is passive, it provides superior low noise performance, free of cross and inter-modulations.

The 303WA-2 has a "U" bolt metal fitting that will require a short stub mast (not supplied). The mast diameter can be 10-50mm (0.4 to 1.9 inches).

The antenna has a total height of 6 feet (1.80m) in three sections. It comes with a preassembled 10 m (30 feet) length of cable with a M (PL259) plug to connect to the antenna base and a BNC plug for your radio receiver.

Click here to view 303WA-2 Japanese/English Instruction Sheet [PDF 381K].
Frequency range 30kHz - 30MHz
Length 1.8 m approx.
Weight 450g approx
Connector M type@(PL259)
Supplied coax. cable RG-58A/U 10m (MP-BNCPj
Mast diameter 10`50 mm
Supplied accessories Coax. cable (10m)
Set of metal fitting
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