since July 17, 2002
700DTA  Desk Top Antenna


Medium-Wave, Short wave high performance Desk-Top active Antenna, usable range 500kHz - 30MHz

The 700DTA is a compact active antenna specifically designed to provide good reception when large external antennas are not practical or when away from the main monitoring location.


Compact, but achieving high performance, featuring an internal band selector, Hi-Q manual tuning circuit, and high gain amplifier(20dB for 500kHz-30MHz). And also excellent overall strong signal handling.

The housing of 700DTA is an
aluminum high pressure die-casting case with superior electromagnetic shield performance. 

The 700DTA is completely battery drive equipment separated from noisy AC power line. Then, 700DTA can be used as a portable receiving antenna.
Frequency range 500 kHz - 30 MHz
Impedance Hi-Z input / 50 ohms output
Element Telescopic(15-60cm)
Output connector BNC Jack
Power Internal Battery 2mA
9V : 1604 6F22)  (1604 supplied)
Power consumption approx. 2 mA
Dimension 130 x 90 x 50 mm
(approx. excluding projections)
Weight approx. 440 g. (w/ battery, element)
Cable RG-174 (1.5D-2V) 3m BNC-BNC plugs
Supplied accessories Battery : 1604A x1
BNC-BNC coaxial cable 3m

The 700DTA is NOT intended for transmit purposes.

Using the 700DTA
Desk Top Antenna
700DTA Front panel

1. Power switch

To turn on the 700DTA, throw the lever of power switch to upper position. Power indicator (green LED) will illuminate to confirm that power is supplied from internal battery. To turn off the 700DTA, throw the lever to lower position. Always turn off by lever when not in use.

2. Band selection (MHz)

Turn on the radio receiver and tune to the desired frequency. Select the correct frequency range with Band selection knob on front of 700DTA.
5 positions for 5 bands as right table:

Frequency band (MHz) comments
0.5 – 1.6 Medium Wave band
1.6 – 4 SW bands 160 to 75 meters
4 – 10 SW bands 75 to 30 meters
7 – 20 SW bands 43 to 15 meters
12 – 30 SW bands 25 to 10 meters
3. Tuning

Rotate the Tuning knob on the front side of 700DTA (clockwise and counterclockwise) until the signal strength meter (S-meter) of receiver deflects to maximum and the incoming signal sounds clearest. If your receiver does not have an S-meter, simply adjust for maximum received signal. Whenever receiving frequency is changed, should select band and tuning again.

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